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Survival is a physically and also mentally demanding event for pairs. Competitors don't compete amongst themselves because the main factor to beat is time. The aim is to walk around 80 km during 24 hours, complete all given tasks, take only 100gm of food, unlimited amount of water and someone who will walk with you.

Přežití 2012

Author: Pavel Pleva

We would like to invite everyone to the 25th Survival event from 16th May to 18th May 2014. If you are happy with the rules and want to book your place please use our booking in page which will be available as from 5th March 2014, 12:00. Registration fee has been set as 549 CZK. If you want to be informed about the opening day for registration, please let us know. We will ensure you will be informed on time. The event is organised in cooperation with association Tudy.

If you think, „That is only for machos that is not for me“ you are mistaken. To be physically fit is obviously important, but it isn't the only condition for survival. As we discovered ourselves, even the hardest men don't always survive however petite women can. Give it a try and you will see for yourself!

Přežití 2005

Author: Martin Calta

There will be a certificate for all successful pairs and some interesting prizes too. For those who won't survive there will be prizes too, but this time not so interesting :-). Debrief of the Survival experience will be held on Sunday at 11:00 after the communion where you are also welcomed.

If you want to know more, please read our Survival Rules. We recommend you read the rules even if you have already attended in the past as there could have been some changes.

Survival team is looking forward to see you.

Special thanks

to David Bouda for the English translation.